CosmoCaixa Barcelona

Carrer d'Isaac Newton, 26, 08022 Barcelona, Spain
932 12 60 50

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  • Carlo Munoz
    One of the best Museums for learning science interactively. It is specially entertaining for kids (or adults) to enjoy the many different expositions they have. Both the forest and planetarium are most recommended!
  • Oleksandr Demchyk
    Great place for spending time with kids. For sure adults enjoy it as well. Super interesting and informative. Imitation of rainforest is equally adorable and pacify. Entrance ticket is just 4 Euro;)
  • Avinash Nuthalapati
    I can't believe place like this existed in the city. Such an amazing place to see lots of beautiful things and a great Amazon replica, where you can actually go inside and get the exact forest experience. There is so much to see here, and not even 1 day is going to be sufficient to see all. It s a pain to climb the road until the top but once you get there, it is all worth it
  • Niamh Lynch
    Great place to take the kids for an afternoon. There are always book-ahead workshops available, and staff are very nice. On the down side, it's showing it's age (normal) and the vast majority of displays aren't rotated very often.
  • Beth Anderson
    The best museum experience I've had on holiday. We caught the metro- there is a ticket option to buy your entry price included. It is super cheap & easy to find from the metro station. There's so much to do- from physics displays to do with Newtons laws to an Antarctic explorers cabin, to genetic engineering and even real rainforest. It is hands down the most beautiful museum I've ever gone to, and we spent all day there. We ate food in the cafe which was lovely too. Must see for your trip to barcelona. Even just walking up to the museum is breath taking.