Roomin Escape

Carrer del Robí, 6, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
931 74 45 73

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  • Gladwin514
    Small but immersive. Clean and friendly.
  • Shrey Kotecha
    I had a very big problem. I talked to one of the colleagues who was a man. He booked my room from 12 to 1. Then the following day I went there and said that I never booked anything. They even sent an email and called to confirm. I took me one hour to drive from my hotel to the place and I am very very disappointed. I would give it 0 stars if I had an option. I would say that there is lack of organisation. I had wasted 3 hours to get to the place and go back to the hotel after my time was wasted with the attendants at the front office.
  • Álvaro Vélez
    Looking for a different plan in Barcelona? Roomin Escape in Gracia is a great option. A room-escape game with a Mafia ambience. Make a team (up to 5 people) and try to 'escape' from the room and reveal the secret that is kept inside their walls. A must!
  • Haim Bondar
    We had so much fun!!! The host was really really nice!!
  • francisco marques