Casino Barcelona

Carrer de la Marina, 19-21, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
900 354 354

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  • Arshad Fendi
    Very good casino, we found almost all of the gambling games and slot machines that came on mind. Opens 24h which is great for late nights outs
  • C T
    Its ok, looks nice, has great open feel. Betting is odd for blackjack. They put your cash into their vending machine blackjack and its loaded on screen where you make your bets, dealer deals out the cards in person, but the machine already knows the outcome. They need real blackjack or just make the cards digital as well. All employees are/look like highschool kids. Didn't see any craps/dice tables. Drinks are expensive. Overall from all the casinos ive been too id rate it 75/100
  • Yair Sarfati
    A nice casino, Near the beach, Usually you have to pay for the drinks.
  • Johnny Bin
    C'est spacieux, moderne and just beautiful inside and Outside. There are lots of roulette tables live or automatic. Nice buffet restaurant also from thursday evening to Saturday. Guess what winnning is fun, wont 100K roulette 😘😍🤒
  • Pascal Stifani
    Great place to spend some time. The lower floor is impressive !