Milk Bar & Bistro

Carrer d'en Gignàs, 21, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
932 68 09 22

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  • Daniel Sac
    From the Moment I arrived, i felt like I was home. Although almost every table was taken I was instantly seated. The food was - though the whole bar was full - prepared quick. It was then that I found out "Milk" is one of the top 3 locations / bars in Barcelona. The food tasted amazing and was well prepared. It was as if the waitress could read my mind because she came as soon as I thought about it. All in all - I can confirm the status as one of the top 3 bars in Barcelona.
  • EAG2904
    The second time I visited this brunch cafe will probably be my last. Utterly disappointed. It is sad that a delicious french toast is overlooked by the rudest staff I have EVER experienced, who are definitely not looking to put their customers first. After making a simple request for a change to my meal, the RUDE waitress replied with grunts and groans, worse than a grumpy teenager. She then continued by trying to have an argument with me, all over a simple question which required a simple and polite yes or no answer. This experience ruined what should have been an enjoyable brunch. Coupled with the funky smell upon entering the cafe, the uncomfortable stools, the close proximity to other diners and the complete lack of customer service, I will not be returning. When there is such a wide array of delicious brunch cafes in Barcelona, it is sad that a cafe with such potential has been ruined by its staff. I'd go next door instead.
  • Robbie Torney
    A pretty good brunch spot. Try the bloody maria. Opens fairly early by Barcelona standards. Just a heads up -- this place has the exact same brunch menu as firebug, its sister restaurant, so if you go to both places for brunch don't be surprised.
  • Adam Schimberg
    Really great brunch spot. They serve brunch every day until 4pm... which is useful because going out the night before can make it difficult to make it any earlier! The Chorizo Hash and Classic Benedict are awesome.
  • Joel Charley
    WiFi: not sure Card: MasterCard A very popular breakfast/brunch/lunch destination in the Gothic quarter. Top Tip: if there's a line outside be sure to go in and add your name to the list before joining the line. The crab Benedict was outstanding and something I've not seen anywhere else, I'd highly recommend it.