RCDE Stadium

Av. del Baix Llobregat, 100, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
932 92 77 00

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  • Camilo Sandoval
    Amazing experience at the RCDE Stadium! Built just a few years ago, this 40,000 seat venue is the perfect place to watch a good soccer game. The architecture is wonderful and it provides an intimate environment for a match. The fans are always happy and big supporters of their team, Espanyol. It’s easy to arrive to the stadium by metro from Barcelona, so no worries. Most seats are covered, so in case of rain you should be ok. Go watch a game here, you’ll be happy you did ⚽️
  • Andres Baiocco
    Best stadium in Barcelona, by miles. View is excellent from most seats, tickets are available got most games and also the atmosphere is good. It's next to a shopping centre so it's perfect if you want to get a pint and some food before(and after) the game. The only bad thing is that the metro station is a bit of a trek but it's located on a very peaceful town on the border of Barcelona. I would definitely go again
  • chris ryder
    Good modern stadium. Well worth watching a game and easy to get to as last tube stop on line and 15 min walk. Good alternative to barcelona fc.
  • Itai Hasid
    Forget all you thought about football and Barcelona. Go visit this little gem and you won't regret. Even it not easy to reach such as to the Camp Nou but the atmosphere is worth it. In here you will see real football fans coming with thier families on a Sunday affair to see a match and to eat something first at the mall.
  • Michael Kelly
    Rcde Rcde Rcde. Me gusta la stadia, great atmopshere and a good win over betis. Atmopshere a lot better than nou camp