Park Güell

08024 Barcelona, Spain
902 20 03 02

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  • Adam Iwanicki
    There are two part to the park - one is publicly available and there is 'Monumental Zone' for which you need tickets. Often you need to reserve them few days in advance - so don't count on just showing up, buying a ticket and entering. The park is vast and beautiful, perfect for a stroll. As it's on the hill you also have beautiful panorama over Barcelona. The monumental zone is almost fairly-tale like.
  • Tasmiah Rahman
    So beautiful, such nice staff, so accommodating, we even showed up super late and they let us in! They have a restaurant in the park and we grabbed food for breakfast and it was delicious, and not over priced. We purchased the 8:30 tickets and that was a great idea if you want to take pictures without other people in the background! It starts getting crowded around 9:30-10:00, but it's great if you're a solo traveler because you can ask people to take photos of you! A great experience!!!
  • Laura Mazurek
    Visited here and thought this was one of my favorite places. All of the mosaic detail is beautiful and there is a spot at the top with a bunch of curved benches that is amazing for pictures. There is a limited amount of tickets sold for a time period, and I didn't know that when I first got there in the morning. I ended up having to buy my ticket for in the early evening, which was fine, but it would have been nice to know before going all the way out there.
  • Lydia Ford
    It was amazing but I definitely recommend booking ahead as the lines to get into the paid part of the park can be quite long. They allocate a time to go. I was there in May and even that was quite hot so bring water and a fan! The park was cool though and it had a great view of Barcelona and the harbour. There are a number of hawkers selling their goods, so bring small change if you would like any tourist items.
  • Alex Savatin
    ...details of my own experience. We got there without checking online first, (our fault here) and to enter the monument we should have waited for 4 hours. So my suggestion is to check online first and plan in advance. The place is always crowded. And for good reason. It is absolutely wonderful. An amazing example of what a brilliant creative mind can do. I highly recommend to add it to your list of you intend to visit Barcelona... But plan ahead!! ;)