Ambrosia Spa

Passatge de Domingo, 9, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
931 86 33 42

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  • Aleksandra Kosowska
    great place! very good massage, great ambience, very friendly staff, cava and chocolates at the end were a nice touch
  • Marieta Rojas
    I got a 50 minute massage and it was great! The lady was very receptive to everything I told her and totally open to spending more time wherever I asked. The room was very pleasant, with a shower and everything for after and nice music and temperature, etc. They were also very hospitable and offered me a drink, a place to put my things and a variety of scented oils for the massage itself. Very well run!
  • Maria Paula Mayorga González
    Excellent customer service! Amazing relaxing experience ...
  • Dog Dynamix
    Great massage, beautiful spa.
  • Erik Näslund
    Had a nice experience and they were friendly