La Plata

Carrer de la Mercè, 28, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
933 15 10 09

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  • Natalie Vanderpool
    Simple and authentic. Been here many times over the years and always enjoy the tapas. Food is really nice and not overpriced.
  • funda YOKARI
    Classic Spanish bistro. Service is attentive even though they don't know English. Food and drinks are tasty and authentic. Some wine and rom are homemade. And all are affordable.
  • Monika Cholewa
    I like the idea of the bar. Simple, delicious, ingredients of good quality, traditional. The space is limited, this is the only small inconvenience. Very nice waiter who was ready to help us during our first visit. Thank you!
  • Luis Garrido-Julve
    Tradicional, de lo poco original que queda en Barcelona. Tienen cuatro tapas, pero todas buenas. No se lleva la quinta estrella porque sale caro para lo que es. Si bien mucho más barato que cualquier lugar de la zona. Y con mejor trato y producto.
  • Rims Recho
    Just woow! Such a small and simple place but so efficient: a typical neighborhood bar, where local residents come to share a beer or some typical alcohol for the aperitivo time. A few choices of tapas (olives, small fried fish, tomatoes with onions...) but they are so good and tasteful that you will order more! The street is always animated and close to the Ramblas and the see. A typical place to go!