ABaC Restaurant

Av. del Tibidabo, 1, 08022 Barcelona, Spain
933 19 66 00

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  • Laurens Hartog
    This is as good as it gets in hotel-land; it's genuinely hard to fault a thing about ABaC, and it feels slightly churlish to try and do so. Nevertheless, in the interest of critical reviewing, let's give it a whirl. It's set on a busy road. But it's cocooned in a lush garden and surrounded by high wooden walls (press a discreet buzzer to enter), so you barely notice the traffic - plus the bedrooms are fully soundproofed. It's expensive. But it's utterly spoiling and being here feels like a real treat. It's a bit out of town, near the Park Güell.
  • Frank Feng
    Lovely culinary experience, starting with a brief tour of the kitchen to see where the magic happens. We had the 13 course traditional tasting menu. Each course was impeccably prepared, varied in taste and texture but consistent with an overarching theme. Very knowledgeable sommelier who recommended a delightful bottle of rioja. ABaC is worthy of every one of it's 3 Michelin stars.
  • Carlos Villavieja
    Well deserved three star Michelin restaurant, the Chef really deserves it as the experience is unique starting from the first two plates you eat at the kitchen. The oister is indredible as it shows amazing flavors and the mussels. Desserts and wines didn't disappoint us. Only one small mistake as one plate of meat was overcooked but they offered replacing it immediately. We chose the large menu option with 18 dishes. Anecdote: I asked the Chef at the kitchen if he was going out, meaning to the table at the end of dinner as many star Michelin restaurants, I believe he understood we were asking him to go for drinks. #GreatJordiCruz
  • Spencer Hutchins
    Superb Experience! We walked into the restaurant and were taken to the kitchen to see the space and were served the first two dishes immediately. We chose the first set menu and enjoyed every dish. The eel sandwich on the japanese bread with fresh wasabi, the tuna so good it tasted meaty, the lamb, the squid tartare. All fantastic and the service was equally as good. The wine selection was extensive the somolier very nice. Really terrific experience, a must try if you love trying cuisine when you travel.
  • Scott Hall
    One of the best restaurants you can visit. The first 2 courses in the kitchen, the way they sit you outside to start and then the very nice food, service and ambiance plus a great wine selection make this a meal to remember. thank you for a fantastic dinner.