Zoologico De Barcelona

Campus de la Ciutadella (direcció), 08003 Barcelona, Spain
902 45 75 45

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  • Lauren Neely
    We didn't have high expectations but were pleasantly surprised. We visited on a Saturday morning in October around 11 and did not find it very crowded. We purchased our tickets online. Didn't give five stars because of the construction and I thought a few of the larger animals looked weak. Overall we had a great time and would recommend. Favorites were the sea lions, drills and gorillas.
  • Wayne Watson
    Nice aquarium and especially liked the travelator around the main large tank; plenty of time to take photos without people hogging the good parts - everyone got a chance. A chance to get into the main tank with the sharks (while in a cage) for €150 was tempting...
  • Cecilia Lopez Martinez Cairo
    Great zoo. Very well kept, the animals are very active.
  • Joel McLean
    Great day out to take the family or a partner. Plenty of animals, however some of the enclosures can be quite small (they are making expansions in a few enclosures which is good to see)
  • Tautvydas Pašvenskas
    Very nice place to have a great time !