Espai Barroc

Carrer de Montcada, 20, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
933 10 06 73

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  • Grant Tildsley
    Wonderful experience! Great mix of flamenco music and dance, the musicians, (guitarist, singer and cajon player,) were all excellent, and the dancers were very good too. I recommend booking in advance as the event we attended was fully booked on arrival, plus if you book, you get a free drink! The setting is one of the most impressive things about the place, it is an old building with a fantastic courtyard and very beautiful Gothic interior.
  • Sofia Cardone
    The dancers and musicians were all amazing and have a strong connection with each other that really showed during their performance. A beautifully intense and intimate show in the most amazing building!!! Tickets are also a great price in comparison to other shows nearby (and your ticket includes a drink!)
  • Meriem Benmelouka
    The bad rating is not about the show, it is about the organisation for the booking. The show and the place are both really nice, so no worries for that, however I had a very bad experience with the two persons who are responsible for the booking. When I called to book two days before the show, a lady, suggested the show at 6pm because she can give me good seats, she even specified that it will be the second row, ok, I said yes and called the day of the show about 45 mn before to say that we will be coming to the show and to save our seats. When we arrived and paid, the story became different, we had seats on the third row and while I was trying to explain to the guy at the door that this was not what his colleague told me in the phone, he did not even apologize and simply answered that it is not possible and if I wanted to have better seats I should have come earlier. I don't understand the rational to have a number to call for booking if you can just go one hour before the show to get better seats than the person who booked some days before. Definitely, they should improve their booking system and make sure that the person who take the reservation by phone is consistent with the one at the door. I value good customer service and this was not, the guy at the door was almost implying that I was lying and when I asked him to check with his colleague, he told me that she is not working tonight and he cannot do anything for me. Well, to start an apology would has been sufficient, so, no, I will not recommended this place if you are looking for a good customer service.
  • Susie Azevedo
    Best Flamenco show in Barcelona. Small venue which made it that much more intimate. Dancers and musicians were passionate, you could feel it in the audience.
  • Luke Everson
    The price was pretty competitive for a flamenco show in Barcelona. However, it was not for me. The other people at the show seemed to really like it so maybe this was not so bad, but if you are new to flamenco I would avoid this place and find something that is more accessible to the novice ear. The sangria was fine, nothing to be too excited about. The place is intimate so that is nice. PS it sounded like she gave birth, twice. Hard to focus on the dancing.