La Caleta de Sants

Carretera de la Bordeta, 54, 08014 Barcelona, Spain
930 09 37 13

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  • Daniel Proctor
    Had a fantastic meal here, a really different fusion of flavours from what you would expect (I had the surf and turf but don't want to say too much about it as to give the surprise and delight away, try it!), I will say though that a bit more attention to detail would be good and the food could have been warmer when it arrived. The place has a great vibe and the guys working there are really friendly. It's a bit off the beaten path but I would urge anyone to pick up a map and find La Caleta de Sants.
  • Daniel Huffman
    We came here because of the reviews and we agree, this place is great. A fusion of Spanish and Venezuelan. We ordered the surf and turf which was large and very good and the guava bbq ribs. We also shared a salad and the tequenos (we had a mix of each of the corn and flour ones stuffed with white cheese) and they were amazing. All in all excellent food and our favorite meal in Spain. The owner and his colleagues were very helpful with the menu and are fluent in English.
  • Chatica Cedeno
    I really enjoyed the food!!! Excellent gourmet food. I live around Sants it is the first restaurant around this area that is not Italian or Spanish typical food. Good prices, good service I loved it...
  • Raphael Wouters
    Awesome food and very nice set. We had a very relaxed moment.
  • Natalia Sanchez
    First of all, I'm Venezuelan, so when going into a Venezuelan restaurant, I have my priorities about my food pretty clear, and all I can say about this place from my experience is that the food was good and service was nice, but the rations were small for most entrées and the prices expensive. It was my first time coming there, and unfortunately I won't be coming back, no offense, the place is fine for tourists who don't mind overspending, but for locals there are a bunch of Venezuelan food options that are much more affordable and equally as good or better. Please keep in mind, we did not eat main dishes, so my review only covers the entrées, even so, the main dishes were expensive as well, and I'm sure they were delicious. We had 6 o 7 different entrées, all delicious (though I wasn't a fan of the steak tartar), but what most disappointed me was the Arepitas, basically you pay 7,50 euros for three miniature arepas with some stuffing on the side, and this was very insulting since the price of the dough is extremely cheap and in any other place the same plate with more than just 3 Arepitas would be 4 euros or so. Summary: good Venezuelan food at an overpriced rate, please try other Venezuelan places as well and compare so you see what I mean.