Montjuïc Castle

Ctra. de Montjuïc, 66, 08038 Barcelona, Spain
932 56 44 45

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  • Sajayen Moodley
    Montjuïc Castle is a definite highlight when touring Barcelona. Rich in history, good and bad, the castle is the wonderful spot with arguably some of the best views of Barcelona. A small entrance fee of 5£ (at the time of this review's conception - Bonus: People under 29 years of age also get a discount.) is required for entry into the actual castle. Once at the top, a full 360° view shows you just how big and bustling Barcelona. Take the funicular/cable-car if you're taking a relaxing visit or brace yourself for an enjoyable trip up many many flights of stairs from the bottom. The castle is kept in pristine condition and you would be forgiven for thinking that the castle is relatively new. However, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of people selling the tickets for entry as there was only one person serving a multitude of tourists which caused the line to be unnecessarily long.
  • Richard Mills
    Amazing views once you reach the top, it wasn't too cold as I'm from the England & must be used to it, the wind was strong but to be expected. On a clear day you can see for miles. We used the cable car to come down which cost us about €40 but was worth it. A good tip is to take some food & drinks with you as there is a very limited amount of shops.
  • Kenny Buntara
    The enjoyable part of this is the view from the top. Unfortunately, it was really windy when we were there. Make sure that you have a coat or jacket when travelling up there. Access to the castle is easy as it is the last stop using a bus, or you can take the cable car from the bottom all the way up. In conclusion, the view is amazing, but we just weren't prepared for the wind.
  • Ee Boon Tan
    Castle with amazing views. There was not much in terms of a history lesson but definitely worth the visit for the views of Barcelona. There are several ways to reach the castle, by driving, walking, public transport and cable car. We walked to and used the cable car station which was located next to a Metro station. It was not crowded in November.
  • Moustapha Ismail
    The castle is huge and I just took a walk around it but don't forget to go down a bit and check out the amazing view and skyline of Barcelona and the Port when you're up next to the castle. Amazing view on a sunny day.