Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Palau Nacional, Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, 08038 Barcelona, Spain
936 22 03 60

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  • Gábor Cser
    Wonderful building very nice garden. Interesting exhibitions, the shop for tourist is worth to visit even you do not want to visit the museum. The staff is young enthusiastic and speak English very well. The 2 euros for visiting the teras is not the best idea, but you can visit the building itself for free. If you feel to high to climb up, there is a lovely little cafe outside with an old guy who is very nice.
  • Vitalij Spakov
    One of the nicest art galleries I have visited. It took me almost 3 hrs to go around the place and see each of the works they have. entire place is separated into few sections. The one on Renaissance contains a lot of exhibits and information on works done in Catalonia itself and how they developed over time. By not trying to cover entire epoch and concentrating on art in this Spanish region makes entire presentation quite interesting.The section on modern art doesn't separate paintings, photos and other art form from each other - but displays them together when showing appropriate periods. It is done to explain how they influenced each other developed over time, which makes for another great experience when you walking around. Also at front entrance you get great panorama view on Barcelona itself. For the price you pay it is probably one of the best places to visit while you are in Barcelona.
  • Mina Trandafilovski
    It is a nice museum, but over-hyped. The museum is a decent size, nowhere near as large as the L'Ouvre. There are always quite a few exhibitions to see. However, I found the exhibitions to be average. Nothing really grabbed my attention. Moreover, the museum is way, way too crowded to even appreciate any art in depth. The rooftop terrace offers a nice view of Plaza de Espanya. If it's your first time in Barcelona and you have time, then go see, but it is quite overwhelming. Tip: the museum is free on Saturday after 15:00.
  • Vicktoria Korbecka
    The museum is really enjoyable for those who are a fan of art. I am disappointed because when we visited the gallery the renaissance part was closed for renovations and also some paintings were taken down as well. However, it is well worth the visit. Also if you are on tight budget visit the gallery on Saturday after 3 pm when there is a free entry.
  • Pascali
    I enjoyed every second in this museum ! Bought a ticket and went in without any expectations. I was blown away by the paintings and the archeological things in this museum. It looks amazing, its very clean (the toilets too!) and you can use the bought ticket to return the next 2 days, so if you want to recheck something you don't have to buy another ticket. The location of the museum is worth a visit itself. Located on a mountain with the magic fountain underneath it. Looks absolutely beautiful.