El Pabellón de Barcelona

Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 7, 08038 Barcelona, Spain
934 23 40 16

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  • Pierros Zevolis
    The whole area is an impressive one, a nice square with beautiful building architecture. Too many people but with beautiful atmosphere. The visitor may admire the amazing view of the place and the magic fountain from the stairs of the square by having a couple of beers. Attention is needed to the personal belongings.
  • Mohamad Nasri
    Last August I was in a guided tour in Barcelona and it did not include this pavilion. But we accidentally passed by it and once I set my eyes on it I felt I found a treasure and insisted that we all step down from the bus to visit this place. For me it was like a dream come true; a top example of early modern architecture that we studied as architecture students comes into real experience. I simply loved the place and did not want to leave!
  • Eneida Lila
    It is a contemporary architecture must if you are visiting Barcelona. It's a show of building materials and pure shape which characterised its famous architect, Mies Van der Rohe. You can have a small visit inside the project as well as an insight into the contemporary side of the city.
  • Alex Bransby
    One of the most beautiful pieces of architecture ever built, a stunning place, tranquil and calming, simply amazing! As a fan of Mies Van Der Rohe's work, this was a real treat. €5 to enter, but well worth the price. Try to go when the place is mostly empty as its such a nice place to escape the hustle of the city.
  • Анна Корчагова
    Magnificent work of Mies Van der Roe! A masterpiece representing the architect 's style. Check the Chair inside!