Copasetic Barcelona

Carrer de la Diputació, 55, 08015 Barcelona, Spain
935 32 76 66

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  • Andrei Igna
    Tastiest food I’ve ate so far in Barcelona 👏🏻 I like this place very much, staff is always friendly and helpful, great menus for brunch and all dishes are delicious. Haven’t tried everything yet, but burgers, eggs, pancakes and desserts make you wanna go eat there again. All are excellent, and I think on the healthier side as well. Nice of them to serve the burger with baked potato and salad, instead being a greasy dish with fries and ketchup or mayo. Also noticed lots of menu items have gluten free alternatives 👍🏼
  • Marta Kozioł
    Very nice restaurant with quite good service. I liked my crepes - they were done very well and served with fresh vegetables and cheese. The rose wine was also very tasty. Nice place to hang out:)
  • Casey Beiser
    This a slightly fancy restaurant that seemed to focus on savory crepes and fancy hamburgers. I had a fish burger which was very good. I also was told the beef with beet root was very good. The crepes were quite large and looked filling enough for a meal. The dessert was good, but nothing spectacular.
  • Tomasz Grażyński
    Cosy place with very nice service. However, beef meet in burger which I ordered was medium quality (stiff and salty). The good thing is that staff compensated that inconvenience with a special discount. Maybe I just had a bad luck because another dish (crepes) was fine.
  • Hana Gausfain
    Very good service and plenty of gluten and diary free options. The hamburguer lunch menu during the week is a pretty good deal 👏