Parc del Garraf

Carretera de Ratpenat a Plana Novella, Km 3.5, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, Spain
935 97 18 19

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  • Michał Sosin
    Beautiful park with plenty of space, fresh air and amazing views at the sea side. Easy to access with cars, bikes and good for hiking as well.
  • Oksana Sushko
    Amazing views, easy and moderate trails, great variety of plants. Perfect for morning walks at weekends.
  • Oriol Ros
    Interessant i positiva!
  • John Powell
    Brutal ride up by bike at 10%, but stunning views on top of the sea and distant mountains. Very little traffic, so very quiet. Buddhist monastery worth a visit.
  • Marco Batistuta
    Fantastic area to hike or bike. Very quite. Unfortunately the elephants disappeared