Tickets Bar

Av. del Paraŀlel, 164, 08015 Barcelona, Spain
932 92 42 52

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  • Marta Moreno
    The best restaurant in Barcelona. They don't serve dishes, but art pieces. I've been there three times so far, and always left satisfied and excited about the experience. For the first time, I recommend doing the tasting menu.
  • Patrick de Jong
    Full disclosure, am really not into haute-cuisine in general. For the money we paid (130 pp, moderate drinking) I'd rather go 10 times to my favourite pizzeria. That said, the pros & cons: + aforementioned price pp was actually below expectations + service aims to be impeccable and only showed some minor flaws + all dishes are meant to surprise you, either by design, composition or unexpected taste, and most of then achieve that - taste-wise I found only have of the dishes noteworthy (with two to three highlights), the rest quite alright and two of them rather meh - I got a sick stomach the night after dinner, my intuition tells me it was their sea urchin. Just a guess of course.
  • Mpaz Perez
    Beautiful art like tapas. Some of them were not tasting as good as they looked. The waiter was way to rude when we decided not to go for the tasting menu and pushed us to order way to many tapas in exchange. Overall a good experience but not worth the hassle. Hoja Santa was way better.
  • Do Hun Lee
    Beautifully decorated food. Tasty Tapas. Surprise Menu course (Non-meat option available) Superb selection of wine
  • Akhenaten Gabriel
    We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Tickets to which we were very lucky enough to make a reservation online many months earlier. We had a selection of different tapas, such as some Spanish ham, octopus, olives (in "liquid" form), smoked mackerel and many others. Every was tasty and very surprising. Things looked and tasted different than you'd expect. However, the service experience wasn't as good as their food quality. For example, I ordered their "surprise menu" and my two friends chose their tapas from the list. In the end we all got totally same dishes. I felt a bit cheated. In the beginning they asked me if there are ingredients I like or definitely don't want to eat. I told I can try about anything, but I don't want to have oysters. And after a while their waiter announces I'd be getting oysters. During the whole evening their staff was running around and the atmosphere was quite busy and hectic. Tickets is not the ideal place for a romantic quiet dinner out. Most of the tapas we got was finger food. I was surprised we weren't offered any towels etc to clean our hands before our dinner. After about two hours in the main dinner area we were asked to move to another room for desserts. There we enjoyed some very, very delicious sweets in a nice environment. I would definitely recommend eating at Tickets if you get a chance. The food was superb and prices reasonable considering their fame. Just don't expect a traditional fine dining experience.