Ciutadella Park

Passeig de Picasso, 21, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
638 23 71 15

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  • Miss Cool
    Gorgeous park which shows a great abandoned arboretum (sad that the plants poke out and no one maintains this beautiful structure). A huge park with walkways and feels peaceful. A pigeon or some cute bird sits atop a Venus-like statue for the main entrance. An invitation to come and have a walk in the lovely park!
  • Pierros Zevolis
    Beautiful park, nice for families and kids. There is a beautiful monument with a fountain inside the park, as well as a cafe with outdoor seating, pretty nice for a quick bite or a coffee. Nice paths for walking, beautiful spots to relax.
  • Anna López Ventura
    Barcelona's miniature central park! Next to the zoo and with both walking paths and green areas. It has a lots history too! Read about the late 19th century expo it was built for! Lovely place.
  • Joy Casas
    From all the parks I've visited in Barcelona so far, Ciutadella Park is my all-time favorite. It's such a nice place to spend quality time by yourself, with friends, or with family. You can visit different greenhouses, the Parliament house, Barcelona's zoo, a beautiful Greek-style fountain, and walk around the park while stumbling into many sculptures and nature.
  • Alexandre Oliveira
    I visited it with small children and I only felt lack of playgrounds with capping for the least. Besides, the Parc is too beautiful: very ample, with space for fairs and events, children playing, lake with boats, bandstand where I could rehearse rumba steps along with a lot of people who had fun in the place. The main monument is lush and perfect for beautiful photos. Highly recommended.