Güell Palace

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 3-5, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
934 72 57 75

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  • Shashwat Sridhar
    Absolutely fell in love with this palace! I don't understand how one could spend only an hour here! We ended up spending around three and a half hours! The palace premises are well maintained, the audio guide is fantastic and the staff is really sweet and helpful! But, beyond all that, Gaudi's work left us amazed and spellbound! Tip: the terrace is a pretty good place to see the sunset from, so head to the terrace if you're in the palace around sundown!
  • Libby Hopes
    This is a really nice place to visit!! It’s 12€ to get in but you get a tour around the beautiful house amongst the busy street! What you can’t see from outside is the roof and I’d say visit purely for this! It’s got amazing views around Barcelona and has amazing chimneys decorated beautifully!
  • Vladimir Karmisin
    Nice architecture, but in my humble option, letting people wait from 30 min to a hour to let them in - isn't the best idea. They let in groups of 400 people every half of hour, and you have to stay another half of hour to buy a ticket. I rated this place 4 star, but only for my respect to Antoni Gaudí. In fact - the whole visit was about staying and waiting.
  • Rémi Romac
    Yet another majestic and beautiful building from gaudi. Less extravagant this one but still very clever and noble with its ceiling wood, general architecture, organ playing system and different levels. Also less busy than the cathedral. Somewhere not to miss !
  • Karol Konaszynski
    It's definitely worth seeing Gaudi's interior decoration style, he combines wood and steel in the most creative way. The palace has around 4 floors and the roof, so it takes just over an hour to go though it without stopping. The audioguide is for free and doesn't overload the visitor with information. And the view from the roof is spectacular, not to mention famous chimneys. Don't expect too much out of the gift shop though.